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iMIS Conference Portal

Think the iMIS Events Module is limited? Think again.

​Our iMIS Conference Portal will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of running your events through your iMIS database with flexibility and automation to save you hours while providing a beautiful conference website. 

Learn how you can save hours each week and make sure your members are always seeing the most up-to-date information with the iMIS Conference Portal.

Enter all of your event information once and display it in multiple places in multiple ways. End stale, static pages forever.
See iMIS Conference Portal in action:
Showcase what's important to attendees and prospective attendees based on who they are. The connection to iMIS allows you to customize what users see based on all of the information in the database. 
The iMIS Conference Portal is modular,  allowing you to select the components you need, and add on as needed. Modular options include dynamic: 
  • Searchable agendas that can include session speakers and sponsors.
  • Speaker bio pages
  • Exhibit and sponsor pages with logos and contacts with the exhibitor and sponsor modules
  • Information on all sponsor options, which ones are available or sold, all based on quick entries in the sponsor module
  • Reporting dashboard with information from all modules 
The Portal is customizable, so email us today at to discuss your specific needs, or book a consultation with us to discuss further.
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