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It's Time to Hit the Big Screen

Imagine it—potential members at home, in their living rooms, watching TV, when suddenly they see it.

Your ad on their TV.

Wouldn't you want to join this association?

Nice dream, right?


But what if it's not a dream? What if it's something you could afford for less than you're probably paying for paid social media?

What if you can not only afford it, but target it as closely as you do Google ads, and then retarget your audience on their devices once they've seen it?

You're not dreaming. It is possible.

It's well within an association's marketing budget—and bandwidth—to run quality, professional TV ads.


"But I'm an association, why would I want to run TV ads?"

Why do you market in the first place? To capture audiences and bring them into your fold. TV is no longer the Holy Grail—it has become an attainable, affordable option for any budget.

Those people you don't know exist? The ones you can't email because they unsubscribed, or there's a domain block, or the spam filter ate your email, and so on? The ones with the ad blockers on their browsers? That audience you've discussed over and over again in your marketing meetings but just don't know how to get in front of?

Those people watch TV. In fact, if they are sophisticated enough to be blocking you, it's likely they're streaming their content to their TV.

And now you've got them. A captive audience who can't skip your ad, so they're watching until the streaming show comes back.

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"Okay, but TV is just for awareness - I want action."

Old school TV ads were for awareness. Today's connected TV (CTV) capabilities allow for the targeting much like a computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can target CTV just like an internet ad, and then know when they convert on your site.

"But won't they just see my ad and then forget all about me?"

No. After a prospect sees your ad, they'll be retargeted on their other devices. Someone who sees your ad tonight could be reading the news on their tablet the next day and see an ad for your association. Then they're checking their mail and an ad pops up for your association.

If they didn't see your ad and instantly spring into action to join, now you're showing up as they surf the internet, with multiple opportunities for them to click through and convert.

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"How is this affordable?"

Short answer? The internet.

CTV advertising is a lot like a YouTube ad, only bigger, more prestigious, and the viewer can't skip it after 5 seconds. And because you're targeting viewing over the internet, you can track and retarget, just like with traditional internet advertising.

It also means that you can choose to only pay for conversions.

Someone might see your ad six times, then see your retargeting for two weeks before converting. You pay once, when they convert.

Someone else might see your ad six times, see your retargeting for a month, and not convert. You paid nothing for that.

If you're only paying when people convert, what have you got to lose?

"It's not in my budget."


Do you have money in your budget for paid social or online advertising? Divert a portion of that to TV. You'll still get the targeted online ads, you'll still get to pay only for conversions, but you'll also be reaching a whole new audience on the big screen.

"I don't have the staff to manage this."

That's where we come in. We can manage it so you don't have to. We'll work with you to cultivate the right message, the right creative assets, and the right targets, and manage the whole process with the CTV advertising provider for you.

Schedule a quick call with us to find out if TV is right for you. If you decide it's not, you've lost 15 minutes.

If it's right for you, but you ignore it, what have you lost?

Schedule a 15 minute call with us today so you don't have to wonder.
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