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Member Journey Bootcamp

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Transform Your Member Engagement Strategies 

The Member Journey Bootcamp is worth 8.5 ASAE CAE credits 

Are you struggling to engage members across every stage of their journey? Do the complexities of member management keep you up at night? Do you understand and know how to manage the journeys of all of your members?

Unravel the mysteries and transform your approach with our immersive 4-week Member Journey Bootcamp.


You'll gain hands-on experience and expert guidance tailored to help you master member prospecting, nurturing, and lifelong engagement.

The Member Journey Bootcamp includes:

  • Four weeks of comprehensive online training led by Beth Arritt, a marketing and membership veteran with nearly 30 years of experience 

  • Interactive sessions focused on prospecting, content marketing, industry support, and relationship-building

  • Group exercises and collaborations to apply your new skills

  • One-on-one feedback to help you refine your approach

  • A customized member journey plan you can implement right away


Spaces in the bootcamp are limited to ensure focused interaction and feedback. Register now and unlock the secrets to member management success.

Registration Coming Soon
"I gathered a great deal of resources from the instructors and attendees that I can utilize in my daily work."

KC, Membership and Member Services Director

Why Join the Member Journey Bootcamp?

The member journey presents a major pain point for many organizations. How do you consistently engage both new and long-term members? How do you create touchpoints that resonate throughout the member lifecycle?

The Member Journey Bootcamp provides the answers. Over four weeks, you'll gain the knowledge and hands-on experience to master every phase of the journey, from first touch to lifelong loyalty.

Within the bootcamp, you'll discover:

  • The keys to member prospecting and nurturing

  • Content marketing strategies that attract and engage

  • Ways to support your industry and add value

  • Collaboration opportunities to learn from peers


You'll come away with a comprehensive member journey plan tailored to your organization and ready to implement. The structured learning environment also makes it easy to get feedback, ask questions, and strengthen your approach.

Don't let member management remain a mystery. Join the Member Journey Bootcamp and unlock the secrets to engagement success.

Meet Your Instructor

Beth Arritt
President & CEO
The Arritt Group

Beth Arritt's passion is helping organizations solve their biggest member and customer engagement challenges. With over two decades of experience in marketing leadership roles, Beth knows firsthand the frustrations of member management and has developed proven systems to streamline every phase of the journey.

As instructor for the Member Journey Bootcamp, Beth will share the strategies she's used to:

  • Grow membership rosters from 4,000 to over 20,000

  • Double conference attendance year over year

  • Increase publication and product sales by double digits

  • Build marketing departments from the ground up


Within the Member Journey Bootcamp, you'll gain direct access to Beth's expertise, as well as the collective aspect of a group of your peers, through interactive sessions, group collaborations, and one-on-one guidance as you map out your own member journey.

The Bootcamp Curriculum

Over four weeks, you'll gain a step-by-step education in managing the member lifecycle from start to finish:

Week 1 - Member Prospecting and Nurturing
  • Mapping the member journey

  • Crafting member-focused emails, newsletters, and more

  • Optimizing your automation and onboarding


Week 2 - Content Marketing Strategies
  • Podcasts, video, and content that attracts

  • Repurposing content across platforms

  • Social media and email for re-engagement


Week 3 - Industry Support and Resources
  • Providing value at every member lifecycle stage

  • Peer networking and mentorship opportunities

  • Career development and events


Week 4 - Collaboration and Your Custom Plan
  • Group exercises and cohort collaboration

  • Present your member journey plan and get feedback

  • Expert guidance on implementing your plan


Secure your spot in the Member Journey Bootcamp today and unlock the secrets to member engagement success!

The Member Journey Bootcamp is worth 8.5 ASAE CAE credits 
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