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5 Unique Marketing Advantages to Associations

If you're involved in association marketing, you know that it can be a unique and rewarding field. But what makes it stand out from other types of marketing? Here are five advantages that association marketers have over corporations.

1. Targeted audience

Association marketing is focused on attracting and retaining members within a specific industry or profession. This allows for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns, as associations generally have much more focused data to act on.

2. Relationships

Association marketing is centered around building and maintaining relationships with members. These relationships can offer a marketing shortcut to get faster conversions.

3. Engaged audiences

Associations have a ready-made audience for their non dues revenue (NDR) offerings. Strong member engagement with an association generally carries across to higher engagement across communications channels and a stronger ROI.

4. Collaboration

Association marketing often involves working with partners and sponsors to create mutually beneficial relationships. These partnerships can provide additional resources and support for the association while offering exposure and opportunities for the partner organization.

5. Google Ad Grants

Google offers up to $10,000 in Ad Grants per month for nonprofits to put toward search ads. Used effectively, these ads can drive revenue in membership, training, events, certifications, publications, and any other product or service your association provides. Not sure how to make these effective? Contact us for help.

Yes, corporations may have larger marketing departments with more fancy toys, but never underestimate the benefits—and rewards—of association marketing.

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