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5 Keys to Automated Marketing

Every organization should be using automated marketing. I'll even say it louder for those in the back:

Every organization should be using automated marketing.

But automated marketing won't help if you don't do it right. Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are 5 key things you should always remember when working on automated campaigns.

1 - Make it Personal

The whole point of automation is to provide a personal experience for the recipient. React to something they've done right after they've done it—a web page visit, a click on a link, a form submission—instead of just sending out blast emails whenever you have time.

Always send your automated marketing from a real person at your organization, with a reply to their address, for maximum impact. (Just be sure to update those emails if that person leaves!)

2 - Make it Timeless

Make your language evergreen, but don't get too broad or you defeat the purpose—and the impact. Link out to information that changes frequently. For example, in a conference campaign, link out to the agenda so that recipients always get the most recent information. This keeps the emails up-to-date, and the clicks show you what recipients are interested in.

3 - Analyze, Analyze, Analyze

Pay attention to analytics and member/customer feedback to ensure that your automated campaigns are up-to-date and effective. Don't look at open rates; they mean very little. Look at clicks and web visits and conversions. Which emails in the campaign are getting actions, and which ones aren't? Is your timing right between emails, or should you adjust it? Should any of your messages be segmented out by audience?

There's a lot to analyze and adjust, so don't be shy about getting some help from a professional. Automation pros can be a big help in avoiding pitfalls and improving results.

4 - Implement Traffic Controls

If you have a lot of automated campaigns, you may want to put some traffic controls in place. Sending messages too frequently—no matter how relevant—can annoy your customers and push them away. Methods for implementing these controls vary depending on what system you're using, so you'll want to check with your email service provider or consult a professional if you're not sure how to do that.

5 - Revisit Emails for Updates

Set calendar appointments for at least once a quarter to review your automated messages to ensure they remain relevant and up-to-date. Even though you will link out to things that change frequently to avoid the need for too many revisions, you should still revisit the language of your messages with your data in hand.

Automation will make your life easier. It can sell your base products or memberships for you 24/7/365, and it can free up time to come up with other ideas for marketing, go after bigger sponsor money, or create more content to bring more people into the campaigns.

Yes, there is a learning curve, but many resources are available to help you scale that curve and get up and running. Need a hand? Contact me and let's discuss your project and how I can help.

So what keys have you found vital to automation? Share them with us in the comments.

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