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Demystifying the Member Journey

Are you grappling with member prospecting, nurturing, and engagement? Does the thought of managing the member journey feel like juggling too many balls at once? You're not alone. Unraveling the member journey might seem like trying to solve a complex riddle, but it's not as puzzling once we break it down. Let's dive into this together and make the complex simple.

Member Prospecting: Kick-Starting the Journey

Member prospecting, the first stop on our journey, is about finding and connecting with potential members. It's kind of like laying out all the puzzle pieces to get the whole picture before you start solving. The goal is to understand who your audience is, what they're looking for, and how your organization fits into that picture.

A solid value proposition is your North Star here. This tells people why your organization is unique, how it can benefit them, and why they should pick you over others. First impressions count, so make your value proposition clear, engaging, and concise, then create messaging that explains it.

Content Marketing: Keeping the Conversation Going

So now that you have your value proposition and messaging, you’re all set, right? Prospects are flocking to your site?

Probably not. So how do you draw them in? By offering them proof that you have the solutions they need through content marketing.

Content marketing helps you reach out and draw members to your organization. It's about creating and sharing content that your audience will find valuable and engaging, which positions your organization as a solid resource for your industry and can also yield the names and interests of potential members you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

A tailored content strategy can take many shapes, from informative blog posts and podcasts to engaging social media posts or webinars. The goal? To add value, position your organization as a thought leader, bring your audience in, and keep them coming back for more.

Providing Industry Support: The Game Changer

Members seek not just an organization, but a partner they can trust. This is where providing valuable industry support can really set you apart.

Consider offering useful resources like industry reports, training sessions, networking events, and industry-specific publications. Additionally, facilitating access to certifications and accreditations can prove invaluable to your members. By sponsoring relevant courses, partnering with certification bodies, or even creating your own certifications, you can provide tangible career advancement to your members.

This support is all about anticipating your members' needs and ensuring they feel prepared to overcome their professional challenges. With the right mix of resources and opportunities, you can provide the industry support that makes your organization an indispensable partner in your members' career journey.

Fostering Mutually Beneficial Relationships: The Long Game

The final piece of the puzzle is fostering mutually beneficial relationships. This goes beyond merely providing benefits; it's about cultivating partnerships with other industry organizations and vendors. These alliances can add significant value to membership in your organization. Collaborating with other industry organizations can open up opportunities for co-hosted events, shared resources, and even joint lobbying efforts on issues that matter to your members. This not only expands your reach and influence but also offers your members access to a broader network and resources.

As for vendor relationships, they can provide your members with access to exclusive discounts, specialized services, or advanced technology. Consider partnering with vendors who offer products or services that align with your members' needs and interests.

Maybe the answer to that is affiliate services. Or maybe your members need an online place to network, so you look for an online community. If your industry has a lot of turnover, then a jobs board or career center might be what you need. Or maybe it’s a podcast or newsletter. Find the right partners for these needs and make sure they are a partner, not just a vendor. These partnerships can provide a tangible boost to the value your organization provides to its members, increasing satisfaction and retention.

Member-First In All Things

As you go about crafting your member journey, be sure to encourage member feedback, involve your members in key decisions, and create an environment where they feel valued and heard. And make sure members can contribute meaningfully to your organization through things like volunteer programs to mentorship opportunities.

Always ensure that your marketing and communications make your members feel like they're in the middle of what you're doing. For an event, that might be a photograph from last year's event from the viewpoint of the audience. Sure, you'll see the backs of a few heads, but the point is making them see themselves sitting in that seat.

For the member journey, the same thing applies. If you have photographs of actual members taking a course or working in their jobs, that's great. But AI is increasingly a viable alternative when you don't have that one shot you need to illustrate the idea.

For example, I wanted something to illustrate a member on their journey. I used Adobe Firefly to come up with a concept example from a text prompt:

Woman dressed in office clothes, holding a folder and looking at her member journey options.

A picture says a thousand words, so be sure your picture says what you want members to hear. In this day and age, that's easier than ever before.

Putting the Pieces Together

In the end, managing the member journey might seem like a complex puzzle, but when we break it down into these key pieces, it becomes much more manageable. Remember, the member journey is an ongoing dance of prospecting, nurturing, providing support, and cultivating relationships. Done right, it will create a thriving community that benefits both your organization and its members.

Want to jump start your Member Journey work?

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